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Handcrafted all-steel electric bicycle

Change became the nature of things, and people at the beginning of the 20th century believed that further improvement was not only possible but inevitable. More than hundred years ago we also believed that changing is inevitable, especially in urban transportation. We still like old style and comfort which brought us to handcrafted all-steel electric cruiser that combines a fin de siècle’s design with the latest technology. BB bicycle is compatible with European regulations for riding on cycle pathways.

Prague by a stylish electric cruiser

The best way to explore the beautiful city of Prague is by renting our handmade and comfortable electric cruisers. Besides the city hills you also have a lot of cobbled streets. We’ve designed our bicycles for the rough terrain of cobbled streets. You can feel the cool breeze on your skin and see all the ancient landmarks, museums, restaurants or cafes of the city of a hundred towers. We prefer to almost effortlessly climb on the Petřín hill to take a picnic, overlooking the old town. You can reserve your bicycle in advance at The enjoyment will be unique because a numbers of iconic BB bicycles for renting are limited. The rental price for 1,5 h. is 999 CZK | 3 h. 1.499 CZK | 6 h. 2.499 CZK. It includes helmets and locks.

Stay unique with your own BB bicycle

BB all-steel electric cruiser is a stylish and comfortable vehicle which contributes a part of the responsible individual transportation in the city. Our bicycles should truly become a part of your life style. When you decide to buy BB bicycle contact us at We will ask you to pay the half price in advance and after 3 weeks ordered vehicle will be personally delivered to your home or office. The price is 6.499 incl. VAT | 5.134 € excl. VAT. The standard warranty for the whole bicycle is 2 years and 10 years for the frame. If you want individual configuration as a front or rear carriers, please contact us. The Terms & Conditions of Sale you will find bellow.